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The T-Pain Vocal Effect With Auto-Tune

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For years now the ubiquitous Auto-Tune has been coming to the rescue of many a dodgy vocal track saving an engineer’s ass and making Joe Schmo sound like a star (well almost). For good or for bad we all know how much Auto-Tune is used these days and people often question the merits of any vocal tuning but lets leave that argument for another day.

Yet Auto-Tune can be used for more creative purposes too. Everyone remembers “Believe” by Cher or more recently the T-Pain robotic vocal effect. Creating that effect is a breeze in with Auto-Tune.

Step 1

Insert  Antares Auto-tune on your vocal track and set the input type (in my case I choose soprano).

Step 2

Set the tracking to relaxed and the retune speed to fast.

Step 3

Set the scale from the default chromatic to either major or minor. This reduces the number of notes the software tries to re-tune the vocal to which in turn emphasizes the effect.

Step 4

Experiment with different scales and tracking parameters to produce different effects.

Check the before and after effect on this vocal.

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