Reverse Reverb Effect

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Today we are going to take a look at the classic reverse reverb effect. I will be using Cubase 5 for this tutorial but a similar method can used in most DAW’s. Check out the video below.

Transcript Reverse Reverb Video

Step 1: Duplicate the vocal track.

Step 2: Using the scissors isolate the first few words from the two phrases in the vocal sample.

Step 3: Select these two parts and in your DAW use the reverse part function to process the parts.

Step 4: Insert a reverb of this channel, set the delay time to pretty long and the mix to 100.

Step 5: Next we need to record the output of this channel to another track.

Step 6: Now we have just the reverb but it is going in the wrong direction, so use the reverse function again.

Step 7: All that’s left to do is line up the parts so the reverse reverb flows seamlessly into the original track.

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