New York Compression Technique

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Isn’t that just parallel compression? Well yes it is but I like to think of it as parallel compression’s dirty cousin. Basically its the same thing but typically more hyped, more exagerated and more nasty.

  • Set up a stereo effects send, buss or aux channel (whatever its called in your DAW).
  • Route your drums to the aux channel.
  • Insert a stereo compressor on the aux channel. I’m using an 1176 emulation
  • I usually start with a ratio of about 10:1 or 12:1 in the case of the 1176.
  • Set the attack as fast as possible while still allowing the initial transient through. Somewhere between 1.5 to 10 ms
  • Crank the input till you’re getting at least 10dB or more of gain reduction.
  • Now take an EQ and start boosting 6 to 10dB  around 100hz at the low end and 6 to 10dB around 10kHz at the high end.
  • Now typically I bring the level of this aux track right down and then slowly fade it up till its just under the level of the original drum track.

new york compression

Essentially we’ve got two sets of drums the original clean version and the second processed version. Blend to taste.


Try adding the bass in with the processed drum bus

Try running the processed drum bus through an amp simulator for some different colors.

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