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Huge Guitars With Waves Doubler

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Here’s a really cool trick you can try out with Waves Doubler. If your looking for bigger wider guitars a la Linkin Park this will get you there in a hurry.

  • OK first off take your guitar track and pan it to about 10 o clock so we can give a little room for the vocals in the center.
  • Then set up a mono effects send,  buss or aux channel (whatever it’s called in your DAW) and pan that to 2 o clock
  • Route your guitar to the aux channel.
  • Insert waves Doubler on the aux channel.
  • Uncheck the direct signal in Waves Doubler, also uncheck the second voice as well.
  • Set the delay for somewhere between 15-20 ms and feedback to zero

What you are left with is basically a copy of your guitar that is slightly delayed and very slightly de-tuned and panned to opposite side, giving a full lush sound to your guitar

Second Method

Of course this effect can be carried out without Waves Doubler.

  • Duplicate your guitar track
  • Using your DAW’s pitch-shifting capabilities de-tune the duplicate track by about 6 cent.
  • Next, insert a delay on the duplicate track with the wet/dry blend set to 100% wet.
  • Set the delay set to about 15-20ms and with no feedback or repeats.
  • Pan the original and duplicate guitar track to about 10 and 2 o’clock respectively.

Voila instant hugeness!


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