New York Compression Technique

new york compression

Isn’t that just parallel compression? Well yes it is but I like to think of it as parallel compression’s dirty cousin. Basically its the same thing but typically more hyped, more exagerated and more nasty. Set up a stereo effects send, buss or aux channel (whatever its called in your DAW). Route your drums to the aux channel. Insert a stereo compressor on the aux channel. I’m using an 1176 emulation […]


Audio Gear: The Focusrite VRM Box Review

focusrite vrm box

The Focusrite VRM Box stands for Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM), this little box is designed for people who frequently rely on earphones for mixing by offering various emulations of classic studio monitors and speakers and creating a virtual mixing environment that replicates the experience of monitoring on said speakers.   Focusrite’s VRM box is an intelligent solution that comes packaged in a standalone box that can connect to almost all systems via USB port. It […]


8 Classic Studio Microphones

AKG C414

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the true classic studio microphones some of these you could pick up for a few hundred dollars and some, well if you need to ask you can’t afford them. Shure SM57 Along with the SM58 they have been two of the best-selling mics for over forty years now. Easy to dial in, put them on your favourite cab or snare push up the  faders and 9 times out […]


The Best Audio Interface Ever!

Best Audio Interface

Who knows whats the best audio interface ever is, the question someone in the market for a new audio interface needs to ask themselves is whats the best for me.  So let’s try to answer a few questions so we can narrow down our options. How many inputs do I need? Ranging from just two inputs to 18 or more there are audio interfaces to meet almost any I/O (in/out) need. If you are a […]


Review: Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio By Mike Senior

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

Many people will know Mike Senior from his excellent articles in Sound on Sound magazine and in particular his Mix Rescue column. Over the years he has done some incredible work in taking underwhelming productions and giving them the treatment they deserve, along the way showing the reader how they can use these methods in their own compositions. Now with his book Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio Mike has distilled his knowledge and experience […]


How to Increase Your Workflow In The Studio

Recording Studio

The internet is awash these days with advice on how to be more productive and efficient at home and at work. A wealth of information is at your fingertips, from fixing your hair to fixing your taxes. So with this in mind and from a studio owners perceptive here’s my two cence.   How to Increase Your Workflow We can learn to become productive and to increase our flow of work. From the small voice-over […]


Simple Tips For A Great Rap Vocal Recording

Rap Vocal Recording

There aren’t any shortages of individuals who aspire on becoming the next Eminem, or the next Jay Z or some other rapper. It is not everyone that understands the beauty in rap songs, but these stars like Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tupac, etc. have made it to the top of the game all owing to hard work, dedication, and of course, a stellar combination of brilliance and the urge to be the best in […]


How Its Made: The Neumann U87

Neumann U87

I know lots of us engineers are real tech geeks and love taking perfectly good equipment apart so here’s something that might interest you.


The Best Microphone For Me?

Shure SM58

The Best Microphone For The Job With an huge number of models on the market these days trying to find the best microphone for your needs is no easy task. This guide will provide you with a solid foundation for making an informed choice when choosing the right microphone for the job. Dynamic Microphones The most common type of microphone are dynamic mics, they are hard wearing and resist distortion which makes them ideal for […]


Reverse Reverb Effect

Reverse Reverb

Today we are going to take a look at the classic reverse reverb effect. I will be using Cubase 5 for this tutorial but a similar method can used in most DAW’s. Check out the video below. Transcript Reverse Reverb Video Step 1: Duplicate the vocal track. Step 2: Using the scissors isolate the first few words from the two phrases in the vocal sample. Step 3: Select these two parts and in your DAW […]


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